King fish shooting – The most detailed instructions on how to play

Game Shoot king fish is a popular game on game forums. The golden secrets of fellow gamers are being widely shared. Thereby, new players can also make their own notes. The article below will help bettors synthesize information and how to play this game New 88.

What is king fish shooting?

King fish shooting is a game created and developed in Vietnam. The game is simulated based on shooting fish in the ocean. Players can see sea creatures with beautiful shapes. In addition, the game also combines with games such as pot explosion to create a feeling of excitement for players. Currently, this betting game is ranked in the top 5 most popular betting games.

Popular types of king fish shooting

Nowadays, bettors can find many games about king fish shooting. Depending on each house, different game titles will be provided. For example, the bookmaker  New88 created the game titles “Long King Fish Shooting 1” and “Long King Fish Shooting 2”. However, the gameplay style is basically the same. The configuration is all familiar 3D. That helps gamers get used to the rhythm of play quickly.

Attractive points of king fish shooting

Each game will show its highlights to players. These points are changed and upgraded by the house to suit the times. Therefore, this game is even more complete with the following points:

Beautiful configuration

As technology develops, betting games also develop. Interfaces are continuously updated from launch to present. First, the game only has a 2D configuration that is not sharp. Today it has been upgraded to vivid 3D graphics.

The rules of the game are simple

Each player when exposed to the rules of fish king shooting is very quick. The rules of the game are given in a concise and easy to understand manner. Players just need to deposit money and shoot at fish species as well as big bosses. The game is also divided into many different levels to suit the player’s budget. In addition, when players reach a certain reward level, they will be able to participate in the pot explosion.

Great odds of many bets

Although it looks like a simple game on the outside, there are many gamers who are interested in fish king shooting. Bettors often organize bets online. Games at all bookmakers have this service according to player needs. That’s why the reward rate of this game is very high.

Very safe

Player accounts have multiple layers of protection. However, not all king fish shooting games have strict security systems. Bettors should look for a highly safe bookmaker to play. Then bettors can avoid game scams.

Redeem rewards quickly

King fish shooting provides quick and accurate prize draw for each player. At that time, players can withdraw to valid trading accounts. Currently, bookmakers all accept digital currency transaction methods permitted by the state. Players who register to link with mobile banking or Momo will be able to draw prizes there.

Unlimited promotions

Bookies will create bonus values ​​to encourage players to top up their cards. The more bets players deposit, the bigger the rewards will be. In addition, there are special days where there are prizes. In addition, shooting fish kings also accumulates login days for players.
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Supports many languages

Currently, king fish shooting is present in most countries in the world.  That’s why all bookmakers have translation software to support domestic and foreign languages. Therefore, gamers do not worry about this betting game being only available in one language.

Dedicated customer care

The fish king shooting hotline or fanpage message is always on duty to support players. When any problem occurs, players need to honestly explain the problems to the dealer. Only then can the dealer help customers solve the problem. That reduces the risk of players quitting the game.

Instructions on how to play king fish shooting

To avoid confusion when playing, gamers should equip themselves with knowledge about how to play. Ways to play fish king shooting are currently available on blogs or reviews by gamers. The steps below will solve difficulties when playing for you.

Step 1

First, bettors should find out information and choose a bookmaker for themselves. This game cannot be played directly but can only be played online. Note that you should only choose reputable bookmakers.

Step 2

When entering any game, bettors must also log in to their account. If any bettor does not have an account, they must register. Currently, bookmakers all have different terms of accepting registration. For example,  New88 bookmaker accepts accounts registered directly or indirectly via Facebook.

Step 3

Bettors go to the main page of the house and choose the fish shooting game area. You will see there are many fish shooting games. You just need to choose the fish king game to complete step 3. Here, pay attention to change the default language to your native language.

Step 4

Bettors go to the deposit area in the game to check the deposit level. Each deposit level will correspond to each level of play. The more money you deposit, the more fish you can play at the fish king level. Besides, you also receive more rewards.

Step 5

After you have finished loading, you can choose the levels that the fish king has. There will usually be 3 main levels corresponding to little money, medium money and a lot of money. That depends on the house you choose. Also depends on the amount of money you deposit.

Notes on king fish shooting game

Although the gameplay is simple, getting rewards is not simple. You must have your own tips to pay attention to. These tips can be learned from the experiences of those who have gone before or through times when you have lost. Here are some notes for bettors:

Choose fish in groups

Fish often swim in schools. Therefore, in king fish shooting, there are many schools of fish from large to small. However, the game reward will be based on the number of eggs. So, take a lot of guitars as a target. In addition, bettors should shoot in the middle of the school of fish to have a higher hit rate.

Choose single fish

Bettors should choose numbers that are neither too big nor too small. If you choose big ones and shoot them many times without killing them, it will cost a lot of money. Bettors should choose numbers that fit the amount of money and guns they have. Guns should be equipped with bullets with high damage concentration.

Choose mermaid or boss

Although the quantity is small, the quality of the items is the best. Therefore, when the boss or mermaid appears, players should focus on shooting at those points. But with very small numbers, these will be the lucrative opportunities that many people want the most in king fish shooting.


It is undeniable that king fish shooting is the hottest game today. The events and high rewards have attracted many people. Above is a collection of things that gamers need to know about this betting game at the house  New88. Hope you all have interesting moments with this subject.

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