One of the most important animation trends of 2024 is the increasing spread of 3D animation. Previously a new concept, 3D animation has now become a mainstream technique in various media. This growth of 3D animation is attributed to its ability to create detailed, immersive environments that transcend traditional boundaries. It also enhances viewer engagement through its depth and detail. Look at the hottest video animation trends for 2024. Explore innovative technologies and market demands that will shape the industry. You can also find nice animations at

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most important trend in media. It is widely used and is revolutionizing the boundaries of video editing, motion graphics and 2D and 3D creations. AI has introduced important tools that significantly improve professional processes. Adobe Podcast, for example, has become indispensable for refining raw audio. Genny offers an affordable voiceover solution for price-conscious clients, and the limitless possibilities of Midjourney continue to amaze us.

However, there is growing concern that AI could mirror the phenomenon of “fast fashion”. Issues such as the flooding of Google Images with AI-generated images. Ongoing legal disputes over artists’ rights and fears that AI is undermining professional talent are debated topics in the industry. We are witnessing a monumental shift. That is ushering in a phase of animation that is as exciting as it is unsettling and fascinating.


Interactive 3D models and content in web design means using digital 3D design elements that users can play with on a website. You can rotate them, zoom in and out and sometimes even change them on the spot. Imagine you’re browsing a furniture website and come across a sofa you’re interested in. Instead of just seeing pictures of the sofa from different angles, you can interact with a 3D model of the sofa directly on the website.

You can rotate it to view it from all sides, zoom in to see the fabric texture up close. And even adjust the color or fabric in real time to see how it would look in your living room. This interactive experience helps you to better understand the product. It makes the website even more interesting. These interactive elements will be the future. Especially in e-commerce, as they revolutionize the shopping experience. As store owners can offer their customers a more authentic, real-life experience with the design element, many businesses will adapt.

Nearly 82% of website visitors use interactive 3D views when available. And 95% prefer to interact with 3D rather than watch a video. Furthermore, interactive 3D marketing campaigns have seen a 40% increase in conversions. This proves that they work.


As we have already mentioned VR and floating 3D objects, you should definitely see them on websites. This is because they increase interest and contribute to interactive motion design. This will be a lasting trend because giving your viewers the opportunity to interact with your design will lead to better engagement and further interaction with your brand. You can use this to point out key elements in your design and guide the viewer through the journey of consuming your product.

Researchers say that users will stay on the page much longer if you give them the opportunity to interact with different elements as if it were a game. In 2024, every element and every movement should be designed to respond and adapt to the user’s interactions. This makes each experience unique. You can watch our explainer video examples here!

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