Tan Chau Bamboo Chicken – Revealing Everything About Precious Chicken Breeds

Tan Chau bamboo chicken is a good fighting chicken breed, attracted by its small appearance and smooth feathers. At the same time, this is a precious line and originates from Tan Chau, An Giang region.

Tan Chau bantam chickens are known for their beautiful appearance and unique plumage. At the same time, this breed is still loved and sought after by many players. So in the following presentation, let’s join Kubet Casino Come learn and update all useful and interesting related information.

Where does the Tan Chau bamboo chicken breed originate from?

This type of chicken originated from the mountains of An Giang province and has gradually become more popular and familiar. Initially, the line was raised by the people of Tan Chau area and then favored by Long Xuyen chicken lovers and purebred breeds were developed. Because there are many special and outstanding advantages, this chicken breed is always sought after and loved.

The Tan Chau bamboo chicken line is also divided into medium leg and short leg types. Among them, there are still groups of chickens that can participate in competitions, groups with beautiful shapes and groups with advantages in crowing. Each chicken usually weighs only about 700 to 800g and is becoming increasingly popular.

Identifying characteristics of special chicken breeds in Tan Chau

You just need to grasp some common characteristics to easily identify Tan Chau bantams. The following are common characteristics that help farmers easily recognize them:

  • Foot height is usually from 3.2 to 4.5cm and is quite small.
  • The mane feathers on the neck of chickens are usually neither too long nor too short. 
  • The chicken’s appearance is quite small, similar to a wild chicken, but it is extremely agile.
  • The body weight of a chicken is usually only 700 to 800 grams, which is quite small.
  • The wide, rudder-shaped tail feathers are extremely eye-catching and attract many people at first sight.
  • The fur color of this breed is quite diverse, the most common are banana color, swallow color, burnt color,…
  • The personality of these chickens is quite aggressive and aggressive and is also used a lot in cockfighting.

Instructions on how to choose standard ornamental Tan Chau bamboo chickens

According to reviews, raising this type of chicken is quite easy compared to taking care of other ornamental birds or fish. However, to create a beautiful chicken, farmers need to invest a lot of time and effort. When choosing chickens, you should pay attention to those that have a similar appearance to wild chickens and weigh from 600 to 700g with a small, flexible body.

Depending on each person’s preferences, they can choose a suitable fur coat. In addition, the chickens often chosen must exude a majestic appearance. Besides, the chicken is also attractive because of its appearance with two small faces, compact head, straight and agile body, neck feathers covering the back, large buoyancy, square legs, slightly saggy wings that are long and dotted, and smooth feathers. , ball,…

Characteristics of chicken god for Tan Chau bantam chickens

This breed of chicken is still widely used in fighting because of its aggressive nature. Therefore, to choose a winning chicken, you need to apply the following experiences:
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  • Head: The chicken’s head must be compact, with alert eyes, should have a mulberry comb and a herring comb, a short beak, usually with whiskers and the two wattles should not be more than 1.5 cm long.
  • Tail: The hair on the tail is abundant and distributed into at least three large. At the same time, the tail is quite wide and curves downward no more than 45 degrees from the horizontal.
  • Body: A short, flexible body combined with a broad chest and rosy flesh is definitely the sign of a cockerel.
  • Wings: Wings should be no longer than the body and must cover at least 2/3 of the legs.
  • Legs: Tan Chau bantam chicken’s legs need to be slightly square with moderate height and the leg length compared to the femur must be shorter.
  • Feathers: The feathers of a good fighting chicken will be smooth, shiny and can cover the entire body.

How to take care of Tan Chau bantam chickens according to expert standards

You need to grasp the correct techniques from someone with many years of experience to easily care for your chickens. Below, Kubet will share some commonly applied tips:

Chicken feed

Food used for Tan Chau bamboo chickens needs to be suitable and moderate. Detail:

  • Chicks: At this time, you should be fed broken rice, chopped green vegetables, bran and a small amount of chopped fresh bait.
  • Chickens from 3 months or older: During this period, farmers need to supplement rice, brown rice and bait. In addition, when the chicken has a bright red face and especially when molting, it is necessary to pay attention to adding calcium to the chicken to increase health.
  • For roosters when molting, farmers need to feed more fresh prey and especially lean pork with less fat. During this period, chickens should be fed about 3 small pieces to make their feathers smoother and increase their resistance.

Cleaning for Tan Chau bamboo chickens

When taking care of chickens daily, farmers need to bathe them with soap to keep their feathers shiny and clean. You should also use a dryer to dry quickly and let the chicken dry in the sun to absorb enough vitamin D. Besides, you can also use spray alcohol to reduce dust mites and increase shine.

Effective disease prevention

In the process of raising Tan Chau bamboo chickens, you need to pay attention to disease prevention knowledge for chickens. Among the common diseases and the most effective ways to prevent them are:

  • Coccidiosis: Signs of the disease are chickens that are lethargic, sluggish, ruffled feathers and red or waxy stools. To prevent, farmers should give chickens 1g of anticoc or 1ml of baycoc with 1 liter of water for 3 consecutive days.
  • Typhoid: When infected with the disease, chickens often become lethargic, have thin white stools and have a strong odor. To prevent this, farmers should give 50 to 80 mg of oxytetracycline daily for 5 consecutive days.
  • Cholera: This type of disease is often seen when chickens have their heads tilted, their necks fall off, they have difficulty breathing, they become unconscious, they sneeze, and they breathe rapidly. To prevent this, you should increase the chicken’s resistance.

Above is the detailed information about Tan Chau Kubet bamboo chicken that we want to share with readers. Hopefully, through the above article, you will understand more about this chicken breed and have more good knowledge for yourself.

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